Symposium for Chinese Neuroscientists Worldwide 2020 (SCNW 2020)

July 2-5, 2020, Hangzhou, China

Symposium for
Chinese Neuroscientists
Worldwide 2020
(SCNW 2020)

July 2-5, 2020
Hangzhou, China


Dear participants, 

The COVID-19 situation represents an unprecedented global health crisis that requires special measures. Under the circumstances, the SCNW2020 will be postponed to a later date. 

We will inform you as soon as we reach a decision. We at present hope you stay safe, and ask you for cooperation to overcome the difficulties. 

Best regards, 

Secretariat of Chinese Neuroscience Soceity

About SCNW

SCNW is a biennial meeting to provide a forum for Chinese Neuroscientists Worldwide to present and discuss research in all areas of neurosciences. The mission of SCNW is to promote interactions, collaborations, and friendship among Chinese neuroscientists worldwide and to promote neuroscience research in China. 

The first SCNW was held in He Fei, An Hui province in 2000 with huge success. Nine SCNWs were subsequently held in Cheng Du (2002), Guang Zhou (2004), Kun Ming (2006), Chang Sha (2008), Nan Chang (2010), Xi'an (2012), Su Zhou (2014) , An Hui (2016) and Qing Dao(2018). SCNW has been regarded as one of the best conferences for neuroscientists of Chinese origin to get together in China. After 20 years, the eleventh SCNW will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in 2020. SCNW conferences are supported by Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS), Zhejiang Society for Neuroscience and Zhejiang University.

Scientific Program

Title Chair
Emotion and Psychiatry Tianming Gao,Bo Li
Sensation, Pain, and Itch Zhou-Feng Chen, Guang-Yin Xu
Cognition and Memory Yu-Tian Wang, Wei Lu
Brain Development Hai-Kun Liu, Zhenge Luo
Neurodegenerative Disorders Wencheng Xiong, Boxun Lu
Glial Function Richard Lu, Song Qin
Modeling Brain Diseases using iPSC Zhiping Pang, Duanqing Pei
Neuroimmune and Microglia Long-Jun Wu, Yamei Tang
Neurogenetics and Epigenetics Guoli Ming, Baisha Tang
Computational Neuroscience Si Wu
Technology Advances Haining Zhong, Yulong Li


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